RB20 / RB25 / RB26 Titanium Aftermarket Intake Manifold Stud Kit

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This ONLY fits aftermarket intake manifolds!

Will NOT work with Factory intake manifolds!

VividTi Titanium Stud Kits are made of high quality GR5 Titanium with a built in hex key tip that allows them to be installed ONLY by hand using a 3mm Allen wrench. Titanium 6-point or 12-point nuts (12mm) and washers are included!

Not only will this stud kit accurately seal, it will look amazing! Titanium is lighter, stronger, and will not corrode like your factory steel bolts or studs.

Replace those factory intake/exhaust manifold bolts and studs that can rust, cross thread or snap off! Get more strength for your turbo manifold or aftermarket header system! 

These kits include the following:

(14) M8 x 1.25mm x 45mm titanium studs (3mm Allen)

(14) M8 x 1.25mm 6-point or 12-point titanium nuts (12mm)

(14) M8 titanium washers

Available in Raw Polished, Skyline Blue, Deep Blue, Rose Gold, Gold, Midnight Purple, Tial Purple, Pink & Green. 

Questions about compatibility with your engine? Email us at Josh@vividti.com