Install process & Video

When you are installing titanium parts, wear a set of gloves to keep the oil from your hands off the part. By using this best practice it ensures the oils are not baked on the part when the engine is heated. Even though we use a strong coating this eliminates the chance of fading or discoloring of the titanium.

DO NOT use power tools, the titanium is strong but you do not want to damage the pieces due to a slip. You can use proper torque specs on bolts; the studs do not need to be overly tightened just a few turns of the Allen key.

Rare occurrence For those one off unique custom manifolds you may need to trim the stud by installing a random nut and trimming the install end with a grinder to shorten the stud then remove the nut. Or install all the studs and equally spin the nuts as you push the manifold on.

*Tools required*

M8 Stud (3mm Allen key)

M10 Stud (5mm Allen key)

M6 Dress up Bolt – (10mm - 12 point socket or wrench)

M8 Bolt / Nut – (12mm - 12 point socket or wrench)

M8 Bolt / Nut – (14mm - 12 point socket or wrench)

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