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We now have Titanium bolts that fit BelaK wheels. For Beadlock Rings, Optional washers and the inner bolts!

Such beautiful wheels deserve a clean look, time to throw away those dull ugly looking bolts and really show off those wheels!

We recommend using Permatex or Loctite Anti-Seize with these bolts to prevent any type of future issues!

Recheck your torque settings after one heat cycle to make sure none of the bolts have loosened up!

As always, double check your wheels and verify the quantities below.

These bolts are sold individually check below for guidance on ordering:

Titanium bolts that fit BelaK beadlock Rings!

Don't forget your optional Washers if you don't want to reuse your other ones!

15″ wheel – Qty 18 bolts / 4 wheels Total qty 72

17″ wheel – Qty 20 bolts / 4 wheels Total qty 80

18″ wheel – Qty 22 bolts / 4 wheels Total qty 88

Inner bolts

15″ wheels – Qty 18 bolts / 4 wheels Total qty 72

17″ wheels – Qty 36 bolts / 4 wheels Total Qty 144


Available in Raw polished, Gold, Deep Blue, Skyline Blue, Midnight Purple, Tial Purple and Green. If you have a special color request just ask! 

Questions about compatibility with your engine? Email us at